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Arkansas Reputation Management

Arkansas Reputation Management

Think your online reputation isn’t an extremely powerful tool for your company?  Think again. Arkansas Reputation Management is one of the most important things you can consider for your business

The dirty secret of online reputation is that all of the “big players” pay people to go online and leave fake reviews for their goods and services.  I ran into an article published in the New York Times about a professor at the Chicago of Illinois who is attempting to create a computer program that can detect fake reviews left on websites.  The pluses for a company doing this far outweigh the negatives as more and more people turn to online review sites to help them decide where to spend their hard earned money.  Here is a link to the article published in the New York Times. Reputation Management

Let’s talk about what Arkansas SEO Services can do for your company. Arkansas Reputation Management

What the “big players” haven’t figured out is that it’s pretty obvious when reviews are being left by someone who is being paid to leave the review, and even if it’s not when a review convinces to try a good or service and it doesn’t stand up to the quality that the reviews led you to expect you are extremely disappointed, to the point that you will stop going to that company for a good and service PLUS you’re going to tell everyone you know about the rotten experience.  This is where Reputation Management experts can step in.

Arkansas SEO Services can work with your company to create a reputation management plan that ensures that customers that you have coming into your doors, who you work tirelessly to ensure they are 100% satisified with your company and the goods are services it provides, goes online and leaves a genuine, truthful review about your company on websites that are checked by local people in your community.  When people in the community see this truthful review, they’ll in turn try your company, be extremely satisfied with what you are offering them, and will then go online and leave THEIR OWN quality review for your company.  Arkansas SEO Services can ensure that these happy customers are leaving quality reviews for your company which in turn drives more business to your front door.

Quality, truthful reviews from customers who are truely happy with the goods and services that your company is providing them is worth more than the $20 bucks it costs to pay some foreigner to leave a fake review about your company.  Investing in a sound Arkansas Reputation Management plan will pay back dividends for your business that keep bringing you fresh new customers and ensure that your faithful customers continue to return to your doors.

Arkansas Reputation Management is key to making sure customers find your business online

Head over to our Reputation Management page and read about what we can offer your company today, or go ahead and contact us and lets get started on ensuring your online reputation helps your company instead of hurting your company.

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