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Women More Likely to use Social Media.

I just finished reading an excellent article over at Mashable that discussed a study conducted by Neilson ratings that examined the different usage habits between Males and Females.  First, here is a link to the study Neilson conducted:

The study found that women are significantly more likely to utilize social media then men are.  Women are 8% more likely to create a person blog, and they are 18% more likely to  utilize Facebook or other social media sites to follow a brand.  They are also more likely to have a social networking profile, and are 12% more likely to make a purchasing decision based off an internet presence.

Here is an info graphic summarizing the data from the study.

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So what does this information tell us? If you own a business that markets to Women in the 18+ age group, having a strong internet presence can benefit your company in a profound way.  Women utilize the internet to shop for goods and services more than their male counterparts, and more often then not Women are making decisions for the household about where to shop for goods and services.  Having a web site isn’t enough, the study shows that women are utilizing social media more and more to find the best ways to spend their money, and if your company doesn’t have a social media presence you are missing out on new customers.

Arkansas SEO Services offers solutions for creating an effective online presences for your business.  We can create and manage custom Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, Pinterest Accounts, and practically any other social media medium that your business can think of to reach customers that are utilizing the internet every day.  Contact us today and let’s start bringing more customers into your door.


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